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Discover the impact of our work through the words of our Evergreen Couples. This collection of reviews showcases the cherished memories we’ve captured, reflecting the joy and emotion of each unique wedding day. Through these testimonials, you’ll see the dedication and personalized care that go into creating films that are not only watched but felt. Each story is a testament to the timeless keepsakes we craft, inviting you to envision how your own love story could be beautifully preserved by Evergreen Legacy Films.

Jess & Matt

Chad was the BEST! We are so happy we chose him as our videographer! He was so fun and made the day so easy and comfortable. It felt so natural to have him there next to us capturing our special day. He was friendly, professional, easy going, and my husband and I both said we would be friends with him after our wedding and hangout if we all lived closer. Thanks for adding extra fun to our day! We can't wait to see our video and cherish it for the rest of our life.

Nick & Joice

We could not be happier or more impressed with Chad. They were very easy to work with, friendly, caring, and professional. When planning a wedding there’s nothing more comforting than a vendor that provides you with confidence for your big day and that’s exactly what they did for us. They were very genuine and thorough in the meetings leading up to wedding . They use top of the line equipment and that paired with the eye for film that they have you will not be disappointed in the end product. The pride they take in making sure you feel comfortable and get exactly what you want for your big day is second to none. We could not recommend them enough and are confident that you will not be disappointed with their service. At the end of the day you will get a great film that will last forever and someone you will probably want to grab a beer with on a Friday night.

Heather & Demetri

Chad is such a wonderful videographer - he was really easy to work with, super accommodating, and worked well with all of our other vendors. We so appreciated all that he did to make our day special, and capture all of the moments we hope to relive over the years. Thanks so much, Chad!!

Ian & Julie

You can't go wrong with Evergreen Legacy Films. Chad was organized and professional and did a great job of going over wedding details and preparing us for how things would work on the big day. They were personable and easy to work with at the wedding. And of course the product was fantstic :)

Ryan & Casey

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from working with Chad and we’re so happy we chose to work with Evergreen Legacy Films for our wedding video. They were so easy to work with from the very beginning. The day of the wedding, I was getting stressed about the timeline because I felt like we were behind and wouldn’t have time to get all of the photos/video shots we needed to get before the wedding. Chad pulled me aside and reassured me that we were doing fine on time because they built extra time into the timeline in case other things are taking longer than expected, which I really appreciated. They both are super genuine and kind people that made the videography experience really fun and seamless. My husband and I were so impressed with how our video turned out and it was so special getting to see some of the moments that both of us had missed and how everything came together. It’s truly a video that we will cherish forever and we can’t thank Chad enough for all of the work that went into producing it. If you’re looking for an affordable videographer that’s fun to work with, then I strongly recommend hiring Evergreen Legacy Films. I promise you wont regret it!

Jake & Anika

Chad from Aeonian Visuals was a DREAM to work with. From the very first call my husband and I had with him, we knew he was who we wanted to hire. He worked with us, and made the process so easy and fun. Wedding planning can be so overwhelming and stressful, but he helped melt that stress away. The quality of the videos he has done for other couples speaks to how it was to work with him on our wedding day. I was SO nervous while I was getting ready in the morning, and every time I saw Chad he would talk to me and help me feel more at ease. I never even noticed that the camera was there while he and his assistant were filming. Chad is very clear and prompt in his communication and if I had to do my whole wedding over again he would be the vendor I would hire again. If you are on the fence as to whether or not you want to hire a videographer for your wedding, don’t be. You won’t regret it. Capturing the little moments, the love, the tears and the joy will be something you treasure for the rest of your lives. You never expect that when you hire a service for an event that the people who you hire are ones that you would want to friends with! I, 1000% recommend Aeonian Visuals to any couple wanting to have a seamless, incredible experience with a super talented videographer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding day so memorable!


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We apply cutting-edge techniques to ensure seamless transitions, color correction, and audio enhancement, giving your video a polished finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Video Editing

Describe your video editing services, emphasizing your ability to transform raw footage into polished and engaging videos. Highlight your expertise in editing for various purposes, such as marketing videos, corporate presentations, social media content, and more. Mention any specialized software or techniques you use.

Video Production

Detail your video production services, including the entire production process from concept development and scripting to shooting and post-production. Explain your capabilities for producing different types of videos, such as commercials, documentaries, promotional videos, and instructional content.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Showcase your skills in creating motion graphics and animations. Explain how these visual elements can enhance videos by adding dynamic effects, text, infographics, and engaging animations. Provide examples of past projects that include motion graphics.

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Chad Messick


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How long does it take to produce a video from start to finish?

The timeline for video production can vary significantly based on the complexity of the project. Typically, a simple promotional video might take a few weeks, while more intricate projects like documentaries or feature films can take several months. It's essential to discuss your specific project's requirements with us, and we can provide a more accurate estimate based on your needs.

Do I need to provide all the content, or can you help with scriptwriting and creative concepts?

We offer comprehensive video production services, which can include scriptwriting, concept development, and creative input. If you have a clear vision, we can work with your ideas. However, if you're unsure or need assistance, our team of experienced writers and creatives can collaborate with you to develop a concept and script that aligns perfectly with your goals and message.

What factors influence the cost of video production and editing?

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of a video project. These factors include the length of the video, the complexity of the script and storyboard, the need for actors or voiceover artists, location scouting, equipment requirements, and post-production elements like special effects and sound design. To get an accurate quote, it's best to reach out to us with the details of your project so that we can provide a customized estimate based on your specific needs and budget. We're committed to working with you to find solutions that meet your goals and resources.